AB stands for organic farming, as opposed to intensive industrial farming. The application of the organic label guarantees a food product resulting from a production method that respects:

The environment with very little use of pesticides: refusal to use synthetic chemicals. It is therefore a production system that ensures and maintains the health of soils and ecosystems.
The well-being of the animal with a healthy diet and “gentle” breeding.
Consumers at the end of the food chain: offering food that respects human health.
Specifications of the organic label AB
The use of the AB label by a brand for a given product is controlled by the Agence Bio, which is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture.

8 certification bodies approved by the French public authorities, independent, impartial, efficient and competent (Agrocert, Bureau Alpes Contrôles et Qualisud, Bureau Véritas, Certipaq, Certification, Certis, Certisud and Ecocert) determine whether a product can be said to be organic according to the following criteria:

minimum 95% of organic agricultural products in the finished product.