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Nos Vins Rouges

Le Petit Cluzeau

[vc-custom-heading text"Bergerac Red
Carefully crafted in vats, this Merlot assemblage; Cabernet Sauvignon; Malbec offers a harmonious cuvée offering smoky notes and aromas of crisp red fruits expressed in the mouth by taut and tonic tannins of a beautiful freshness.
It is the perfect wine for starters and deli meats.
Presented in bottle of 75 cl Bordelaise or Burgundy, in Bib of 5 or 10 L" font-container-"tag-"tag:h4-text-align:left-color:%23ffffff" use-theme-fonts-"yes" css."vc-custom-1556892293868-padding-bottom: 60px!important;

Le Château Cluzeau

"] [vc-custom-heading text"Bergerac Red
Raised 12 months in barrels of two and three wines, this wine from a Merlot blend; Cabernet Sauvignon; Malbec, reveals red fruits, notes of coffee and elegant woody, silky tannins, a mouth of perfect balance and great sweetness.
Enjoy as an aperitif as well as with good grilled or roasted red meats. It will also be appreciated with a beautiful cheese platter.
Presented in 150 cl Magnum, in 75 cl bottle, in 50 cl. " font-container-"tag-"tag:"tag:h4-text-align-color:%23ffffff" use-theme-fonts-"yes" css."vc-custom-1556890841755-padding-bottom: 60px!important;"


[vc-custom-heading text"Red Bergerac Coasts
Raised in new barrels of high futaie this blend of our best Merlots and Cabernets Sauvignon gives a powerful wine, with aromas of ripe red fruits, well-controlled spicy wood. The tannins, with a fleshy texture, give this vintage a solid potential to keep in the range of 10 to 15 years.
Enjoy it with the best pieces of red meat; Game; All cheeses a beautiful chocolate cake.
Presented in 150 cl Magnum or in a 75 cl bottle." font-container-"tag:h4-text-align:left-color:%23ffffff" use-theme-fonts-"yes" css."vc-custom-1556892329442-padding-bottom: 60px!important;"] Ce


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